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Car Key Locksmith

317 Locksmith Indianapolis can come & make truck or car key on the spot starting at $79. We can replace nearly any car or truck keys, keyless entry remotes, duplicate transponder chip keys and more.

317 Automotive Locksmith Services in Indianapolis. Automotive locksmith services. We maintain a crew of nine full time dispatchers and we are here to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Just call us at (317) 727-9686 and we will immediately send a professional technician to you to get you a new key made and back into you car. We have A trucks and 2 locksmith technicians in the Indianapolis area .

Our response time is among the best in the Indianapolis area. 317 Locksmith is the emergency locksmith of choice. Broken key removal service.

Our technicians are experts at removing broken keys from automotive ignition systems. They are also well qualified to replace your ignition switch if necessary. 317 Locksmith is your best Indianapolis locksmith choice.

Remember, we are always available with 24 hour locksmith services. We make car keys, maintaining an inventory of over 1000 key blanks.

We can cut a car key for any make or model of car, and even program Transponder Keys for you. Not all Indianapolis locksmiths can do that. Our prices are very competitive and way lower than dealer prices. Automotive keyless entry systems. We can easily install or replace your automotive remote entry device. Our vehicle electronic assess systems use “hopping codes” or “rolling codes” that make it nearly impossible for anyone to “guess” the combination and break into your car.

Each of these security locks have a unique code that is one of over a trillion possibilities! Transponder keys; many modern cars now use transponder keys to help prevent car theft. These devices, also known as a “chip keys”, have electronics inside the plastic portion of the key.

The electronics in the key requires no battery. When you turn the key, in the ignition, the car’s transponder (computer under the hood) sends a signal to the key. It responds by sending a coded signal back to the vehicle’s computer. Typically if these keys get lost or damaged, you must get a new one from the dealer or a certified locksmith. 317 Locksmith in Indianapolis can cut and program all known transponder keys.

317 Locksmith Indianapolis has qualified locksmiths available to help sort out any car key or lock related problems, 24 hours a day.

We love helping our customers by supplying services such as: car key replacement, transponder key programming, ignition repair, chip key programming, remote entry key fobs & more. Car key replacement is done on the spot the same day or by appointment, anywhere in the Tallahassee area. We have satisfied hundreds and hundreds of customers in Indianapolis.

New key for cars & trucks:

  • Acura Key
  • Audi Key
  • BMW Key
  • Buick Key
  • Cadillac Key
  • Chevrolet Key
  • Chrysler Key
  • Daewoo Key
  • Daihatsu Key
  • Dodge Key
  • Ford Key
  • GMC Key
  • Honda Key
  • Hummer Key
  • Hyundai Key
  • Infiniti Key
  • Isuzu Key
  • Jaguar Key
  • Jeep Key
  • Kia Key
  • Land Rover Key
  • Lexus Key
  • Lincoln Key
  • Mazda Key
  • Mercedes Key
  • Mercury Key
  • Mitsubishi Key
  • Nissan Key
  • Oldsmobile Key
  • Plymouth Key
  • Pontiac Key
  • Porsche Key
  • Saab Key
  • Saturn Key
  • Scion Key
  • Subaru Key
  • Suzuki Key
  • Toyota Key
  • Volkswagen Key
  • Volvo Key

Need a new key for a vehicle?

With emergency car and truck lost car key situations… 317 Locksmith Indianapolis understands it is important for us to provide help.

People call us and say, “I need a new key for my truck.” Our Indianapolis locksmiths make car, truck or vehicle keys as fast & affordable as possible.

Stolen car keys? Maybe you have just misplaced your keys and don’t have the time to find them? Keep on looking for those keys, but if you are tired of looking and you are now ready to have a vehicle key made, call 317 Locksmith now. If you need affordable, experienced, professional locksmith service and don’t want to overpay, call 317 Locksmith Indianapolis. A car key locksmith is available now.

Q: I need a new key for my car, can you help?

A: Yes. A car key locksmith can come to you and make a new car key.

Q: I need a new key for my truck, can you help?

A: Yes. We offer truck key replacement. A truck key locksmith can come to you and make a new truck key.