317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana in most cases can provide a faster and less expensive

car key replacement service then the dealer.

If you go through the dealer the first step would be spending $100-$150 to get the car towed to them.

You could end up waiting 3-5 days for parts and then the cost and inconvenience of getting

a ride back to the dealer days later.

Avoid all this hassle and just give 317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana a call, text or email for a free quote.

There are no hidden fees or charges.

When the job is completed the price you were quoted is the price

you will pay and it always includes a 30 day warranty.




Not only is 317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana almost always less than the dealer

but in most cases we can come out the same day.

So if your car is stuck at home, work or an empty parking lot trust our certified,

bonded and insured servicemen to help you get back on the road.

317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana travels all over Windsor and Essex

County helping people everyday who need a lost key or stolen key replacement service.

In some cases your car insurance can be used to

offset the cost a making a replacement

lost or stolen car key, but you would need to speak to them directly to see if your qualify.

317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana uses the most advanced transponder key programming tool

for the locksmith industry, its made by Kaba ILCO and its called the Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro.

It allows 317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana to program lost and stolen car keys for nearly 5500 vehicles worldwide.

Its an all-in-one key programming tool that connects to the diagnostic port of your car called the OBDII port.

The Smart Pro allows us to communicate with the car’s security system to add new

replacement car keys to the car.

Smart Pro is constantly being updated and is backed by 15 years of R&D to assure your car will never be harmed.

In some cases if your car key was stolen we can add new replacement keys to the car and at the

same time delete the stolen keys from the memory of the car.

That means if the person who took your car

keys tries to come back they won’t be able to start the car.

Call 317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana to ask us if your car is compatible with

the option to delete stolen and lost keys from the car.

We would be happy to give you the peace of mind of knowing that one day you

come out to your car and it could be gone.

Some car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen cannot give you a replacement

lost or stolen key the same day, the next day or even the same week.

You are required to bring paperwork to the BMW dealer, Mercedes Benz dealer or VW dealer in

Windsor and order a new replacement remote fob.

They then place the order and the new replacement keyless remote fob could take over a week to

arrive and you may still need to have the car towed to the dealer.

317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana can come to your BMW, Mercedes Benz and VW in most cases

replace you stolen or lost remote key fob the same day.

REPLACE LOST OR STOLEN KEYS All of the remotes, keys, fobs supplied and programmed by

317 Locksmiths Indianapolis indiana comes with a 30 day warranty.

Within that 30 day if your remote, key or fob stops working because of manufacturers defects we

will replace it for you. Some Conditions Apply

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